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As an intern or recent graduate, when you join American Express for our London, Brighton or Burgess Hill offices, you will work on important projects with real responsibility from day one. You’ll be able to make a direct impact on our teams and work with leaders who will support you as you create your unique career journey.
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Undergraduate Summer Internship Programme
During your 10-week internship you will have a chance to work on meaningful projects that have a tangible impact on the success of our teams. This program is designed for students who are in their penultimate year.
Programme offered: June – August 2021
MBA Summer Internship Programme
During your 10-week internship you will gain real-life experience that brings you closer to your dream job. You’ll have the chance to work on projects that have significant impact on the business while exploring your interests and enhancing your strengths. It’s also a great opportunity to engage and build relationships with colleagues, leaders and industry professionals.
Programme offered: June – August 2021
Full-Time Opportunities
Graduate Programme
This programme will provide a head-start for your career, designed to introduce graduates to multiple areas of the business and develop them into future leaders. Recent graduates will gain hands-on practical experience within our organisation. Runs between 12 to 24 months, depending on the business unit.
Programme offered: September 2021
Technology Apprenticeship Programme
During your 18 months apprenticeship you will gain hands-on coding experience with additional opportunities, such as networking with external start-ups, competing in hackathons and supporting local community work. We’ll provide each apprentice with continuous training and development, 20% in house classroom-based training with 80% on the job learning. The programme has been designed to nurture our next generation of technical specialists and leaders.
Programme offered: September 2021 – March 2023
For more information, email the Apprenticeship team: uktechnologyapprenticeships@aexp.com
We are monitoring the current situation of COVID-19 and for your safety and the safety of our colleagues, we've updated the recruitment process.

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