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The Customer Care Professionals that we're employing...they really care. They take that extra step.
Everyone here treats each other with respect, and that carries over to our customers.
We are trying to hire the attitude. We can teach the skill. What we are looking for is the will.
We deliver results consistently and we do it with integrity.
Our employees continue to give us feedback and we continue to expand our benefits and offerings.
We answer over 12 million calls a year, and we strive to make good on our promises of world-class service on every one of them. This requires a global network of people who are empowered to address customer needs on first contact. At World Service we are always looking for special people who are up to the challenge. People who share our passion to go beyond, who live to serve and who want to inspire extraordinary lives.

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To become the world's most respected service brand, we have our own service ethos called Relationship Care. In addition to being active listeners with a passion to serve, our Customer Care Professionals are guided by three Relationship Care principles:

I make it easy for our customers to do business with us.

I recognize our customers.

I solve our customers' problems, even if the rules don't offer clear resolution.

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Delivering consistently extraordinary service requires continual learning. So we've made it our culture. If you have the desire, we have the systems, structure and tools to support you at every stage in your career. It begins with a comprehensive program that covers everything from product knowledge to problem resolution, so you're fully prepared to serve the customer in just about any situation. In addition, leaders meet with Customer Care Professionals to create a personal development plan.

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We see every day as a new opportunity to deepen relationships with our customers. After all, American Express Customer Care Professionals are a team of highly resourceful individuals offering that rare combination of humanity, compassion and knowledge at every touchpoint in the customer experience. It's our point of difference, and together, there's almost nothing we can't do for our customers.

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We treat our employees as we treat our customers. When our frontline talent is engaged and motivated, it makes all the difference. To that end, we make sure our workplace environments are both inspirational and conveniently integrated with your life. We've invested in everything from on-site day care in Ft. Lauderdale, to beautifully purpose-built facilities and grounds in Markham, to Healthy Living programs that are supported by fantastic cafeterias, gyms and even massages. Workplace benefits vary by location, taking into account employee feedback.

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Inspire Extraordinary Lives. Fullfill 12 million promises a year for a living.

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At American Express, we're all about delivering experiences. It's all about surprising and delighting our customers.
Customer Care Professionals...must have creativity to really provide out-of-the-box solutions.
There's an environment where people are willing to consider you for roles which you haven't tried your hand at.
American Express...will truly help you to develop personally and professionally.
What people list best about working here is connecting with people.
World Service is more than a job—it's our passion.
For over 160 years we have stood for service excellence, in every interaction and at every touchpoint. It is both our heritage and our vision. Today we are represented by a diverse network of over 20,000 Customer Care Professionals and like-minded individuals who carry on this tradition from 20 offices across the globe. They are both the face of the business to our customers and the very heart of the customer relationship.

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We encourage all team members to share their distinct perspectives and ideas. After all, it's our ability to interpret and understand the needs of very diverse customers in widespread markets that allows us to consistently deliver the extraordinary. The diversity of our workforce is a key to our success and a crucial part of how we intend to achieve our vision of becoming the world's most respected service brand.

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A career with American Express can cross roles, functions and locations, or you can grow in one place. It's up to you. In the US, for example, Customer Care positions are grouped into tiers, based on experience level, that we encourage you to climb. If you decide you want to expand your skill set to another process area or work toward a promotion to a higher role (such as a Team Leader), we can provide the training and support to help you succeed.

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We believe there should be significant incentives for our top performers. Therefore, all of our compensation programs are designed to reward Customer Care Professionals for extraordinary performance. We also believe in challenging ourselves. We are constantly raising our expectations, and we base compensation on how successfully individuals, teams and our organization as a whole perform against high-priority goals.

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There's something exciting about the start of a journey. Especially one where you can learn, grow and have the potential to succeed beyond your wildest expectations. And what better way to achieve your own potential than by working with a company that helps other people achieve theirs? Are you ready for more than just a job? Taking the first step in the process is easy—you can do it online.

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  • Cheryl. Customer Care Professional, Billings and Payments. I'm grateful to have excellent Team Leaders who recognize my hard work on a weekly basis. They truly make me feel like an important part of the team.

    Taking the time to listen can be a fast track to customer solutions, like when a Cardmember had his wallet stolen while traveling overseas to see his favorite team play. I walked him through each step of re-issuing his American Express® Card in record time, so he quickly got out to the game. Now, that’s a championship performance.

    Christine. Customer Care Associate, Risk Customer Service Network. It's so nice to work for a place you absolutely enjoy coming to every day.

    I put more power in the hands of small businesses – like when I advised a trucking business owner and American Express Cardmember on converting his rewards points to more purchasing power at the gas pump. Now, his small business can keep right on trucking.

    Danny. Project Analyst, American Express Interactive. When I tell people I work for American Express, they're impressed.

    Sometimes, restoring confidence and security means offering safe passage home – like when two Cardmembers had their cards and passports stolen on a trip overseas. Working with the local embassy, police and their airline, my team expedited their journey home. Now that’s going the extra mile.

    Amit. SDL Corporate Customer Service, TSC Operations. Our leaders encourage and recognize the dedication you put into your job.

    Sometimes it takes a little magic to find a quick solution – like when one corporate Cardmember lost her rewards points as she tried to move them from a personal account. I found the vanished points and made them instantly reappear. Now that creates instant loyalty.

    Gina. Customer Care Professional, New Accounts. I've never worked for a company that cares about my professional development like American Express

    Sometimes we can activate a million beats of the heart from around the world, like when I helped one Cardmember to extend his credit limit to support a transplant operation for his son. Now that’s truly caring from the heart.

    Jeannette. Customer Care Professional, New Accounts. I love my job because it's so interesting;it's never monotonous.

    We offer a helping hand wherever our Cardmembers may be, like the day one of my clients was stranded on a business trip in Asia due to a data error. I verified his bank statements and accounts so he could get back to business, continue his trip, and keep his trust in American Express – no matter where he is in the world. Now that’s the kind of help anyone can use.

    Kevin. Customer Care Professional, Telephone Service Center. I believe that if you have a passion to help people you can do it, regardless of their issue.

    Being a Team Leader at American Express can sometimes feel like being a cultural ambassador – like the time I was sent around the world to learn best practices. I brought a passion for service, training and management models home to my team in India. Now that’s going global.

    Margaret. Customer Care Professional, Disputes. I'm a Cardmember as well, and I strongly believe in the brand, our leaders and the company as a whole.

    When delivering world-class service, timing is everything – like when one Cardmember on maternity leave had her hands full with her new baby girl. I quickly helped her update her corporate account from home, so she could get back to enjoying the moment. Now that’s relationship care.

    Paula. Customer Care Professional, Telephone Service Center. I feel as though this is a perfect match for me, and I have no desire to go anywhere else.

    Connecting Cardmembers to great experiences can start by bringing extraordinary people together – like when two of our top customers met at an exclusive American Express event. Now, we’re connecting them with a bachelorette party, wedding plans, travel and a honeymoon, too. Now that’s relationship care.

    Stephanie. Customer Care Professional, Telephone Service Center. I enjoy helping people when they call with a problem, and I make sure to give 100% to each and every customer, each and every time.

    Delivering extraordinary service is easy when working toward an extraordinary cause – like when one Cardmember in the armed services lost his wallet during a military exercise. We quickly replaced the card in a region where no other company would go. Now that’s going beyond the call of duty.

    William. Customer Care Professional, Risk Consumer Service Network. If you work well with a team, have the confidence in yourself to make the correct decisions and can utilize your resources effectively, you'll be very successful here.

    Not all opportunities to represent American Express are alike – like the night I made an appearance for the company at an industry awards ceremony. The press interviewed me on my passion for extraordinary service. And my team was celebrated for our success. Now that’s an inspiring experience.

    Sherri. Customer Care Professional, Telephone Service Center. I love it here. It's the best company to work for.

    Navigating a customer through a major city by speakerphone is not what you expect from American Express. But that’s exactly what my team provided when one Cardmember was lost. So, the customer found her way to her date, and we found a Cardmember for life. Now that’s heading in the right direction.

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